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801-803 Bourke Street

Docklands VIC 3008

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Mon - Wed    7am to 4pm

Thu - Fri    7am to 10pm     

Sat          6pm to 10pm

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p: (03) 9620 4580


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welcome to Pok Pok Street Food

October 7th 2012                         Posted by Emily Lam

Pok Pok was created to bring Thai street food from Bangkok to the streets of Melbourne. "Pok Pok" is a Thai term to describe the sound of a pestle gently thumping spices in a granite mortar - a common background noise in the street eateries of Bangkok and throughout South-East Asia.

Our menu is constantly evolving and reads like a culinary tour of Thailand, ranging from dishes influenced by the north, northeast, middle and south of Bangkok. Everyday, we strive to deliver authentic street food to our customers, using only the freshest, premium quality ingredients sourced locally.

Bookings are highly recommended for lunch and dinner.